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Learn the various software language!!

What is Php language?

In this article, we will be discussing various other languages. The first one is about elastic search php. What actually elastic search means? It is basically a server of open source and is based on apache lucence.  As you know that contains REST API platform. This platform will help you to easily update,delete,retrieve,create data. The first and foremost step to beginners who want to gain elasticsearch php tutorial knowledge should install the elastic search software.And to install this you first need to install java on your pc. After installing java kindly install the elastic speech with wget. When we talk about the recent version is 1.5.2. If you want to install the latest version then install through the download page of the elastic search.  This is just the jist of it. Now in detail, we will be knowing.


After doing all the above-mentioned process The question might be arising that how can I search the document which I have used. So here we can find that document with the help of an index which is specific and that two get or search method. So the get method is used at that time only if you know the I’d of that document. Hence on other side search method is used to find out the multiple documents. You can search for them online more in-depth. The software related issues like an array, searching array in a programming language can also be seen. After you install and run the program you will know the difference of it. Just have the basic knowledge of java to do so. The result so as obtained will also be limited and appropriate.

Basic of weka?

All of you might be knowing about the weka software tutorial? Although it is also a certain collection of ML algorithm and open source Java package. Here we get to know about various schemes like decision trees, generator of model trees, regression of local weight etc. You can say that weka is actually a software of data mining also. You can directly access this data or you can access this with the help of java code. Weka is basically a collection of various tools like regression, visualization,association,and clustering. Now let’s talk about some features of weka given below.

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The weka features are Many some are mentioned below:

  • The first one is that it is platform independent. We can say that it is not dependent on any platform.
  • It is therefor clear from above that it is open source and free.
  • It will provide you with different machine learning algorithm for data mining.
  • It is also very easy and efficient to use.
  • You can perform various experiments while scripting it.
  • Lastly, you can notice that it is basically good at the graphical user interface.


When we talk about the application of weka it has various. When at first we open the weka then weka GUI will reopen from that you can choose the application interface. Weka supports three formats those are CSV,ARFF, a database using ODBC. Now they have the various tips and tricks to cope up. So you might be clear about the fact of This. For joining the tutorial you can simply rely online on. You can also enrollin the course or simply can learn the basics from youtube.

Why ansible?

The next most interesting fact about the ansible tutorial video.It is basically an IT search engine which provides you with various features of the automation engine related to IT field. This is actually a new trend of the season which has arrived. The main benefits of it are that you can directly run the ansible program through the command line. To do so you just have to install the ansible using the node or control server. All the task here is being taken through SSH. You don’t have to worry more about anything. For certain series of performing the task, we can call ansible configuration a playbook. The playbook is written in YAML syntax. As you should know that the open source is maintained by ansible Inc. The first time it was released in 2012. Most probably in 2015, The red hat has acquired the ansible. You can say that due to growing popularity and trend of red hat ansible is growing day by day in IT firm.


There are various fields in IT by which you can gain knowledge but as you are aware of today’s world IT field is drastically becoming more wider and wider. So for that reason, the tools by which actions are performed should also be used in a different way. The more you get indulged in it the better you get to know about it. Till 2025 the field of IT will actually set the bar high as compared to other fields.