rent to own homes

New Path to Make your Home Dream True

Buying a personal home in Texas is still a dream for many people. That’s why we are here to tell people now it is the high time to stop dreaming of having own home and make an action to live in your own home in reality. As the Rent to Own Homes service is waiting for you to building your dream home together. The Rent to own has made possible for many people to have their personal home dream comes true.

If you are tired of living at the rented house and you have no more tolerance power to follow all the instructions given by the landlord, then it is right time that you should consult Rent to Own for living comfortably and happily in your own home. Buying own home with Rent to own is easier as you do need to put any huge effort. Everything will be managed by the expert realtor Ray McCurty. He will do all the processing on the behalf of you. Moreover, he will buy the ideal home for you and then, will rent the home to you as your personal home.

rent to own homes

Every service has its procedure that you need to follow. So, the Rent to own service has its simple procedure to buy own home.

  • First, you need to get an approval for the lease. It is required as it will tell you if you are eligible to have own home in Texas. So, wait for a time until your lease does not get approved.
  • Once you got an approval, then you can go with a realtor to see and choose an ideal home for yourself in Texas. You can choose yourself or can take help from the realtor. It does all depend on you.
  • Then, sign the agreement where some instructions related to the purchased home will be written. Then, you will be given lease certainty of three years of with financial obligation for one year.

This simple procedure will make you authorized person of the purchased home. Once you will be able to buy an amount within the time period that mentioned in the agreement that you signed, the home legal title will be given to you and you will become the real owner of your home. Before the beginning of the whole procedure, you have to pay down payment which will give a guarantee to the Rent to Own Homes realtor that you really want to buy own home.