amazon suspension

Process of amazon suspension appeal and reinstating

If a person’s selling privileges has been removed the Amazon for whatever reason that can be anything like order issues, UPC/ASIN match issues, customer service complaints or reporting policy violation they may remain eligible for reinstatement by the appeal and to know everything about it is written here in this article.

Steps for the appeal process of amazon suspension appeal:

Start with determining the reason why the account was suspended by Amazon. This is the first and initial step by clicking on the review notice section in the Amazon Seller Central account that comes under performance and clicking performance notifications. You will be sent with notice details via the email address from Amazon but this will really help a person learn if the suspension was due to some performance issues or with potential violation to the Selling Policies of Amazon and Agreements.

The second step to follow is the evaluation the Amazon selling practices. In the Seller central Amazon where they review the customer metrics and identify those that do not meet with the Amazon performance targets. Now evaluate the selling practices and then review the inventory for the items that are involved in violation of the Amazon policies. Even if a person has filtered violations that have been reported by customers in the past does not mean that Amazon has identified every potential violation that is involved at once.

amazon suspension

Amazon is not just going to give away the policies to follow and then expect that the policies can be ignored as long as the violation that is reported is resolved every time. They expect a person to remain familiar with the work to prevent the violations and policies before Amazon need to review the listing much more in detail.

The performance targets of Amazon seller:

All from the Amazon sellers should remain hard working towards maintain and achieving a level of the customer service that meets with the mentioned seller performance targets:

Order defect percentage being less than 1%

Pre-fulfillment cancel rate percentage being less than 2.5%

Late shipment ratepercentage being less than 4%

Just send the appeal to Amazon:

With the Amazon plan of action, you have to press the appeal button which is easy to be found in the performance section coming under the performance notification screen or using the email address as in sending the Amazon seller performance with the request for the reinstatement.