What Is Greenhouse Effect?

It is a very well-known fact that Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. While a number of reasons make that happen, one of the important reasons is the right temperature. Greenhouse effect is how earth has the right temperature for life to exist. To put more light on what exactly greenhouse is, here’s an essay on greenhouse effect.

phenomenon of greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect is a phenomenon that is caused by the trapping of heat in our atmosphere. This happens when a category of gases called “greenhouse gases” absorb and re-radiate the energy of the Sun that reaches earth’s surface. As a result, the energy that is trapped in by these greenhouse gases causes the surface of earth to get heated up. Ideally speaking, greenhouse effect traps heat and makes life possible and sustainable on earth.

This phenomenon is called greenhouse effect because earth replicates how a greenhouse acts. We try to trap the needed amount of heat in a greenhouse to grow plants. This is usually done in cold places to protect plants from cold weather conditions. Similarly, greenhouse gases protect us by regulating the temperature needed by living beings.

How does the phenomenon of greenhouse effect occur?

The sun rays enter the atmosphere of earth. As they enter and are absorbed, this energy is converted to heat and expands, to leave the earth’s surface. But certain gases, called the greenhouse gases trap the heat energy and don’t let it all pass out of the surface of earth. This is how some of the energy that enters earth surface stays back and makes earth hotter than it is. As already mentioned, these greenhouse gases are very important as they trap heat and make earth warm. This optimum temperature created by greenhouse gases is the right temperature for us to live.

Recently, greenhouse effect has become more of a problem for our planet. As for the natural greenhouse gases existing in an optimum quantity, greenhouse effect is much needed. But artificial gases and chemicals, like chlorofluorocarbons absorb unneeded and excess amounts of heat that makes earth hotter than it should be. Part of the reason is certain activities, like burning fossil fuels that emits lots of carbon di-oxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases that again end up trapping too much heat.

Greenhouse effect is a very important phenomenon to know about because this is what causes global warming. Global warming has become one of the biggest environmental concerns today. The importance of this essay on greenhouse effect comes down to realizing how it works and what causes global warming.