Playing Video Games

Why Playing Video Games Is Good for Your Children

The current generation of children is more exposed to modern technology: they have mobile phones for communication, there is the Internet as reference information for their school work and for mobile games or video games for fun. While some parents still love to watch their children read books with a hard shell or play outside, times change quickly, as does technology.

Most parents do not approve of their children playing video games, because they know that video games use drugs and can enter their children’s school work. If you are one of these concerned parents, try watching video games in a whole new light and discover why your children love them.

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These are some of the benefits that 2 hours in front of a PC can provide your children:

Provides positive emotions

According to the study, the game of computer games makes the player feel 10 positive emotions, namely fear and surprise, faith, curiosity, satisfaction, creativity, emotion, joy, love, pride and surprise.

Commercial game developers understand this and believe that the success of the game depends on the amount of positive emotions it causes during the game.

It represents educational benefits.

According to a study conducted by the Center for the Development of Education and Readiness for Learning (RTL), digital media, including video games, can improve early literacy skills in children, especially when parents or teachers are looking.

They encourage children to have higher order thinking skills, such as formulating and executing a plan, strategic thinking, problem solving, and interpretive analysis. Through games, children also understand the concept of responsibility, teamwork and achievement of goals.

Improves motor skills.

A study conducted by health researchers at Deakin University in Australia found that children who regularly played interactive computer games showed better motor skills compared to children who did not.

The easy robux hackplayers showed the best motor control skills like throwing a ball, catching and kicking. Studies show that children who played video games also showed better visual coordination.

Promote the exercise

As a parent, you know very well that your child needs a healthy combination of mental and physical exercise. There are several game consoles compatible with Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Sony PlayStation Move and Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect such as roblox hack. If your children love playing video games, encourage them to play on these game consoles, it’s like being hit by two birds with one stone.

Promote relationships

Most parents think that console games are a waste of time, but few know that most of them are intended for social and group games. There are thousands of different games for groups and families in the market. This creates an opportunity for meaningful quality time with family and friends.

Playing video games can give your children such advantages, but even so it is very important that you allow them to play in moderation. Let’s say, for example, allow 2-3 hours of play every day only after they have completed all their homework.

It is also important to check the games they play as if they were appropriate for their age or too violent. The orientation of the parents is still the most important.

Should my son play video games?

There is nothing in life that does not lack, as well as its good side. New technologies are particularly prone to being alternately praised for their potential benefits and lament their shortcomings. Video games are no exception, and since its appearance, there has been much controversy and controversy over its use; Especially the consequences they can have on children.

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There are many benefits that allow children to experience everything that video games have to offer. This is a great introduction to computers, entertaining and easy to start. Having early meetings with technology will make the child more confident and empowered when they come to use computers for school work. They will be familiar with the use of technology, they will not require teachers to coerce them, or they will even feel that they are learning at all.

However, a negative impact on academic work was observed. Often, a child will play much more in the game than he should. This can lead to ignoring school work and poor performance.

Many video games in Games04 offer opportunities for the development of logic and lateral thinking. The child must solve riddles and cope with a surprising and changing story. They must decide how to complete each task; There is no way to avoid the problem and move on to the next stage.

If there is any concern about the types of games a child can play, they can be resolved by accompanying them when they buy or rent a game, and they also discuss the convenience of what the child wants. A parent can help choose the right age. If a child begins to spend too much time alone, parents can help by joining the game, so there is at least some social activity related to the game. This is a way of using video games that proves to be good or bad for a child, and not just the fact of its existence.